Here's our second post, taken from The Homeschooler's Handbook.  CAN you homeschool?  Take a look!


- Is it legal to do so where you live? (In the U.S., it is legal in every state.)
- Does your student want to homeschool, or is he willing to?
- Is the rest of the family okay with this adventure?
- Is there a space somewhere in the house where this work can be done each day?
- Do you have the rather small amount of $ to homeschool that you will need, say $100 a month or so. And remember, it can be done for FAR less, perhaps $20 a month, with care, in the U.S.
- Are you ready to take on this adventure yourself, as homeschooling parent/teacher? Are you willing to get your hands dirty in the educational trenches, to learn fascinating things, and to discover skills that you perhaps were unaware you possessed?
- Can you help your child maintain a reasonable social life while homeschooling, or better yet, homeschool a few other children with him?  

If the answers are “yes” to all of the above, you can absolutely homeschool!

If the answers are “maybe”, then you'll need to get some more info before you decide, perhaps – but the likelihood is that so long as it's legal, the other requirements can be met with a bit of due diligence.

Can you homeschool? Almost certainly you can. So the best question of all isn't should you homeschool, or can you homeschool.

The real question is will you homeschool?

Over to you!