This page provides links to free recordings, both videos and podcasts, that discuss the best ways to educate, and to homeschool.  Sometimes, an early version of STEPS is referenced in these recording, Connect The Thoughts.  


From the 2014 Education Options Expo, the author of Steps, Mr. Horwich, discusses the advantages of homeschooling over other forms of education.  Use this link to watch this approximately 45 minute lecture.

From the 2016 Education Options Expo, Mr. Horwich speaks about ways to improve and focus the homeschool experience.   Use this link to watch the 40 minute video.

August 2017 two hour podcast about the best way to home educate, and Steps.
A comprehensive discussion about education, also with two guests families who have used Steps for years.

A 2017 Face book talk about 4 parts to a successful education.  
About 30 minutes long, surprising and informative.

A 2017 Facebook talk about admiration in education.
21 minutes long, good ideas on how to improve homeschooling results.

A 2017 Facebook talk about literacy and it's crucial importance in education.
About 17 minutes.

In 2015, Mr. Horwich did a series of incisive interviews with The Luminous Mind host Rebecca Bohman.  Each one focuses on a specific aspect of home education.    

About Education and Homeschooling (General discussion)
A good place to start!  :54

Student Critique, Testing & Assessment
A discussion advocating an approach other than the critical test/grade oriented one taken by "professional educators" and institutional education.  :51

How To Homeschool Successfully
A more detailed discussion about the ins and outs of successful homeschooling.  :53

Higher Learning In Homeschooling
To college or not to college?  How about adult continuing homeschool education?  :54

Implementing Arts & Sports Into Homeschooling
Two areas, often difficult to integrate into the homeschool experienced, are discussed.   :30

Community Schools & Private Education
What are the uses, and what is the actual value and potential value of community-based and private educational institutions?  :58

The Best Ways To Teach Core Subjects
Math, history, science, writing, reading, spelling...each subject has its own needs, and unique methods and approaches inb education that work best.  An invaluable discussion for homeschool educators!  1:03

Changing The Paradigm Of Education
Can we make education work today, particularly as home educators?  We can!  Here's how and why.  1:04

About Poor Cheated Little Johnny, and the destruction of education in America
An interview on Unplugged Mom Radio  :34

A general discussion about education today
Jim/Jam Radio Interview - Please go to January 7, 2012


The Home Educators Resource Directory is a particularly fine source for information about homeschooling, legal requirements for homeschooling, for curriculum, and good ideas.   We are an approved site in their directory.  Here's a link to their site.  If you're new to homeschooling, or looking for more great ideas and some good resources, click on this seal.