About Step 4

The answer to the problem of education for ages 11-High School and adult continuing education.  History, science, creative writing (language skills), study & life skills, the arts, civics, current events, reading programs...a comprehensive curriculum built to develop young adults who understand the subjects far more profoundly than the normal High School experience allows for, who have great study and life skills, who are self-starters, and who have developed advanced critical thinking and creative faculties!  START TODAY!


Main Subjects


Master's Program

Friends, after over 20 years, STEPS will be closing our doors. April 4, this site will convert to information-only. You will still be able to buy STEPS after April 4 by writing Steven, but prices will rise considerably on that date. After November 1, STEPS will no longer be available for purchase. Steven WILL remain available to answer questions as long as you are doing STEPS, just write him at either steven@stevendavidhorwich.com, or at cttauthor@aol.com.

It has been a great privilege being a part of your children’s home education!