A Teachable Month - JULY

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Step 3-4 Teachable Month July.jpg

A Teachable Month - JULY


You can find out all about our other Teachable Months by looking them over. This one is for July (of any year). What a busy and interesting month! Science, history, religion, sports, inventions, you name it! Here’s the table of contents, to give you an idea of what you’ll find in this combined journal and teachable month. Develop the students understanding of many subjects, their literacy, study and critical thinking skills, and have fun during the summer!

May Events That Are Not On A Set Date

Tour de France                                                       
Major League Baseball All-Star Game
The British Open

DAY BY DAY                                                        

July 1   Sherman Anti-Trust Act                                   
July 2   Thurgood Marshall
July 3   Franz Kafka
July 4   American Independence Day; John Adams & Thomas Jefferson Die
July 5  Isaac Newton’s Principia; P.T. Barnum
July 6   The Dollar Is Born; George W. Bush
July 7  Gustav Mahler; U.S. Annexes California & Hawaii; Marc Chagall
July 8  The First Crusade
July 9  Tom Hanks, ERA March in 1978
July 10 Scopes “Monkey” Trial; Telstar 1
July 11 E.B. White; George Gershwin
July 12 Henry David Thoreau; Oscar Hammerstein II
July 13 Harrison Ford; David Sarnoff and Television
July 14 The Sedition Act; Mariner IV
July 15 Rosetta Stone Discovered; Wiley Post
July 16 Islam Born; First Atomic Bomb Test
July 17 Disneyland Opens; Handel’s Royal Water Music
July 18 Ty Cobb; The Black Sox Scandal of 1919
July 19 Edgar Degas
July 20 First Men Land On The Moon
July 21 Spanish Armada; Ernest Hemingway; Isaac Stern
July 22 Stephen Vincent Benet; Carl Sandburg
July 23 First Hydroelectric Plant
July 24 Alexandre Dumas
July 25 Constantine the Great; Walter Hunt, Inventor
July 26 George Bernard Shaw; Women’s Suffrage    
July 27 The First Tobacco In England
July 28 Bach; 1976 Earthquake In China
July 29 Hitler Becomes Nazi Party Leader in 1921; Mickey Mouse Debut
July 30 Henry Ford; J.K. Rowling
July 31 Daniel Defoe; Review July

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