Step 4 - Science 8 - Advanced Science Projects

Step 4 Science 8 cover.jpg
Step 4 Science 8 cover.jpg

Step 4 - Science 8 - Advanced Science Projects

  • Develops literacy, vocabulary!
  • Secular LAB science!
  • A thorough review of the science studied to date!
  • A set of projects the student does to finalize their understanding of science!
  • Hands-on activities make science relevant to the student!
  • Develops critical thinking skills!
  • Develops study in a self-determined manner!
  • Lesson plans are complete and ready to use!  Start now!

Science for Step 4 students, ages 11-adult. 

Your student has completed their science studies. If using Steps, they've
thoroughly studied Science Basics, Geology, Oceanography, Meteorology, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Astronomy. 

Now what? 

This course is the polish and the completion of their STEPS Science studies. It includes an intensive review, followed by the student's creation of three science projects, one predesigned, but the other two of the student's own choice, and based on the student's interests in a given area of science of their own choice.

This is the final STEP 4 Science Course in our program, for students ages 14-adult, who are ready to sum up a comprehensive study of science through several carefully constructed science projects of his own design. The student is challenged to put together all the knowledge and creativity they have accumulated to solve interesting science problems.   Using a step-by-step process, the course guides the student through the development of his projects.

The perfect completion course for the serious student of science.

Science studies should serve a purpose, beyond familiarizing the student with concepts it's hard to get along without in the modern world. This course allows the student to use what has been learned, and to formulate ideas which may make this a better place to live. It helps the student to know what he now understands, and provides a creative outlet for that knowledge. An indispensable final course.

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