Step 4 - Science 6 - Biology & Human Health

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Step 4 Science 6 cover.jpg

Step 4 - Science 6 - Biology & Human Health

  • Develops literacy, vocabulary!
  • Secular LAB science!
  • A thorough study of Biology!
  • A thorough study of essential human health concepts!
  • Hands-on activities make science relevant to the student!
  • Develops critical thinking skills!
  • Develops study in a self-determined manner!
  • Lesson plans are complete and ready to use!  Start now!

My daughter has friends who are public schooled and home schooled. All her friends made positive comments on her (Steps) course.  One of her public schooled friends asks every visit to see what is new in the science notebook.  She says my daughter “gets to learn so much more” than she ever learns. K.O., Homeschool Mom

Science for Step 4 students, ages 11-adult. 

A comprehensive, hands-on science course which creatively makes use of STEPS unique educational methods to make the most complex ideas understandable for the student! 

Biology - the study of life. How does Biology work? What is the essence of categorization in Biology? The first part of this course explores in detail the science of Biology, and the great scientific mystery of life. What has science done in its attempts to understand the nature of life? What does science know and not know? 

The second part of this lengthy, creative course focuses closely on human beings. What is the human body? How does it work? What are the best ways to care for the body? Why does a body stop working sometimes? Disease and bodily functions are studied in detail. The perfect and thorough introduction to the very nature of life, the body, human sexuality and Biology. Tests and answer guides are included.

How does science define life? How do we differentiate between life forms? What are the needs of living creatures of all types, as we understand them? This course continues the trend in STEPS Science courses of focusing on the easily observed in order to master scientific concepts important to our survival on this planet.

In understanding the nature of life and ecosystems, the student takes a huge step toward understanding his own responsibilities in maintaining the planet and its systems. He also comes to an understanding of the history of this important science, and many of its most important concepts. 

Also covered in this course is a significant component on human anatomy and health, including several wonderful and illustrative documentaries (not included), broken down into easily studied and understood components, as with all our courses. Sex education is covered in this component, in a manner not too ridiculous or trying for the student.

Here are the major components contained in this massive course:

  • What is life?
  • What is biology?
  • Cells
  • Lipids, Proteins, DNA
  • The Darwinian concept of Evolution and Natural Selection(Contained in a single section of the course so that those of you who object may skip it.)
  • How classification is done in Biology
  • Birds and migration
  • Ocean life
  • The Human body and its systems (in detail)
  • Sex Ed
  • Dietary concerns
  • Disease and Accidents

About a semester of study.
(RE Whether or not the science is covered without being unfair to religious views while presenting the science with thoroughness.)
My daughter is using Step 4 Biology and all of the theories of creation are presented tastefully. I am a minister and I was pleased that all theories were presented without favoritism.  A.M., Homeschool Parent & Minister
Just wanted to say thanks once again! My DS14 has gone from 'hating' school science to now being fascinated and actually considering aiming for a career in zoology eventually! For a kid who had no goals at all as far as further education he's now excited when he talks about working with animals in the future. Your science curriculum has shown him that science doesn't need to be boring and dry. We now have big long discussions about all kinds of scientific theories and chemical reactions. A.R., Homeschool Mom
I really learned a lot on this course. I also had fun on it. I especially started winning at this course toward the end where I learned more about science than I ever could have in public school. This is a great course and I can't wait to start the next one!  C.G., Student, Age 12
Before I didn't really like doing science, so I was falling behind. Now I love science and it is so much fun. I get a lot done and I will be one of the first to finish! This curriculum is so awesome, you get so much more out of it than you would with anything else.   J.C., 15 year-old student

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