Step 3-4 Reading Program

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Step 3-4 Basic Reading.jpg

Step 3-4 Reading Program

  • Develops literacy and vocabulary!
  • No Phonics!  No complicated "system"!
  • Helps develop a love of reading!
  • Puts the student in charge of his reading!
  • Develops critical thinking skills!
  • Develops study in a self-determined manner!
  • Complete and ready to use!  Start now!

A creative and flexible reading program offering both an extensive reading list, and a simple method for students to select books that are not on the list, but that they may wish to read. A simple approach is suggested which will allow teachers or tutors to rapidly evaluate the difficulty of each selected book, to credit it accordingly.

This popular program provides the tutor and the student the tools needed to get the most out of reading. 

The parent/teacher/tutor is provided a lengthy suggested reading list broken into two reading age groups, and genres including the typical, and the unusual such as theater and musical theater. They are also given a simple system of evaluation, so that the student or teacher may feel free to select books not on the suggested list, and the teacher may determine the difficulty and "value" of the selected book within the program, freeing the student to read books of their choice. 

A method is also offered for reportage on the part of the student.  This allows the student to rapidly verify that each book was in fact read, and that vocabulary was developed as a partial result. In fact, the method used virtually guarantees the student's vocabulary will grow as they read!

This program has assisted thousands of families!

How many reading programs have you seen that are simply a list of recommended reading?  Just about all of them, right? Well, we provide a recommended list, but STEPS goes one step further. We offer you a system you can use to allow your student to read about anything he's interested in, any book he selects, on our list or not, and be fairly credited for his work. Plus, we provide a simple system to verify the student's work, and to allow him to:

  1. Expand his vocabulary while working.
  2. Think more profoundly through the materials read!

A reading program that focuses on the student's interests! And a student who is reading what he wants to read is far more likely to...want to read!

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