Creative Writing TV Writing - A Master's Course

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Creative Writing TV Writing - A Master's Course

  • Develops literacy, vocabulary!
  • Develops professional expertise in TV writing!
  • Introduces and explores the concepts behind this kind of writing!
  • Introduces the student to the "market" writers work in!
  • Introduces key ideas defining how to make a living as a writer!
  • The perfect course for a student soon to graduate, who is seriously interested in writing!
  • Written by an Emmy Award-winning writer!
  • Develops critical thinking skills!
  • Develops study in a self-determined manner!
  • Lesson plans are complete and ready to use!  Start now!

This is a course strictly for Master's students in writing, who have decided to specialize in writing for TV. Learn all about the details of this most popular media fro communication in the history of the world. For the serious student ready to invest a year or more into an intensive study one of the most powerful art forms of the 20th century.

Learn how to write for television from an Emmy Award-winning writer/director! The essentials and the complexities. What IS TV, how does the industry function? How do you create a new TV show? What are the creative steps? This course offers a step-by-step- Master's Program, the end result of which is a writer capable of creating projects for television. If you have the skill, this course will provide you the know-how.

No text is required, but you'll be viewing MANY older TV series, which you'll need to secure. (Some are on TV in reruns, or available on Netflix and other networks.)

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