Creative Writing Poetry & Lyrics - A Master's Course

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Creative Writing Poetry & Lyrics - A Master's Course

  • Develops literacy, vocabulary!
  • Develops professional expertise in the writing of poetry and lyrics!
  • Introduces and explores the concepts behind this kind of writing!
  • Introduces the student to the "market" writers work in!
  • Introduces key ideas defining how to make a living as a writer!
  • The perfect course for a student soon to graduate, who is seriously interested in writing!
  • Written by the author of over 40 musicals, 1,200 songs!
  • Develops critical thinking skills!
  • Develops study in a self-determined manner!
  • Lesson plans are complete and ready to use!  Start now!

From Keats to Shakespeare to e. e. cummings, Gilbert and Sullivan to the Beatles to Sondheim, the great art of poetry and lyrics is dissected, understood and mastered. For the student ready to invest a year or more into developing this profound and eternal art form, authored by a oft-produced lyricist.

You want to write the lyrics for the next great pop song or Broadway musical? You want to be the next Cole Porter, Stephen Sondheim, Keats, Langston Hughes or Emily Dickinson? This is a course for serious writers only, who are determined to work professionally as a poet, lyricist, or both. Written by an oft-produced lyricist, whose works have appeared throughout the U.S., Canada, and even in Russia, the methods collected after 40 years as a working lyricist are yours.

In a highly creative but structured approach, the student learns the complete history of both poetry and lyrics, studying the work of the greatest poets and lyricists in detail, and coming to an understanding of their unique contributions and techniques. As he learns, the student writes, specific assignments constructed to increase in steady steps the student's mastery over the authoring of poetry and lyrics. A lengthy course, one committed to creating professionals!

The "rumor" that poets are born and not made is A LIE! You CAN write poetry and lyrics! And if you were born with the desire and gift, great, but even then, that gift needs to be fed understanding and information you can use to compete in a busy marketplace! That information is here, from an author of over 1,200 lyrics! Discover the heights of creativity you know you have the potential to hit! If writing poetry and/or lyrics are your dream, then start making your dream come true today!

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