Step 2-3-4 How To Do Steps Courses

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Step 2-3-4 How To Do Steps Courses


This FREE introductory course for Steps 2-3-4, students ages 8-adult, demonstrates to the student the methods used in the STEPS. This fun, quick and easy to do course eases the student into new and effective learning techniques and strategies, unlike any they may have experienced before.
Why do this free course, the course we recommend that every student try out BEFORE you buy a course from us?  Because STEPS is not like any curricula you've likely used!  We want you and your student to have an experience with our approach before you make an investment.  Thousands of students have done this free course and many have decided to use our courses.  

We all want to be "certain" before making a purchase, or subjecting our children to a STEPS course.  This course provides certainty - one way or the other.  If your student enjoys the approach, you'll know it pretty quickly.

The student will learn about an utterly unique and effective method to homeschool by doing a course that uses and demonstrates the techniques used while teaching the student about the techniques used.

This course can be done in a day or two, depending on the student.  It allows the student to master the use of our techniques in nine short lessons.  We provide a test and answer guide so that the teacher/tutor and the student can experience how testing is done in STEPS.  (It is not done in the same way or with the same purpose as in most other curriculum.)  

A free experience with STEPS, without risk or obligation, and ready for download!  Start a real adventure in education today!

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