Step 4 - Creative Writing 5 - The Field

Step 4 Creative Writing 5 cover.jpg
Step 4 Creative Writing 5 cover.jpg

Step 4 - Creative Writing 5 - The Field

  • Develops literacy, vocabulary!
  • Develops the student's ability to create and use ideas!
  • Introduces different areas of writing a writer can make a living in!
  • resents concepts and provides experience in poetry,  lyric writing, screenwriting, playwriting, other kinds of writing!
  • Introduces the student to the "market" writers work in!
  • Introduces key ideas defining how to make a living as a writer!
  • The perfect course for a student soon to graduate, who is seriously interested in writing!
  • Develops critical thinking skills!
  • Develops study in a self-determined manner!
  • Lesson plans are complete and ready to use!  Start now!

My daughter has always had an interest in writing but never had the confidence that her stories could be as good as the ones she reads. In Creative Writing 1, she regained her confidence. She realized how simple it actually is to express her ideas and how many ideas she has. She sailed into Creative Writing 2 with her regained confidence and enthusiasm. When an exercise calls for at least 10 sentences, she writes 3 pages. Each day she creates a brand new story that is extremely interesting, unique and well-written. She is clearly realizing her ability as a writer and is greatly enjoying the process.

I would recommend these courses for all children and also adults who would like to become better writers. Thank you for this invaluable gift!

A.B., Homeschool Mom
A finishing course for Step 4 Creative Writing, ages 11-up.

Discover the many ways a writer can make a living! Learn the basics of the writing of novels and short stories, playwriting, screenwriting, PR (public relations), and other types of writing. What sort of writer would you like to be? This course will help you make that key discovery.

The fifth Creative Writing Course presumes that the student now knows how to write well. This course teaches the student about the different areas in "the field" (the world) where a living can be made as a writer. These include the writing of poetry, lyrics, public relations, screenplays, plays, television series, and creative nonfiction, or technical writing. The student is exposed to the most important and basic tools and concepts in each area, and then writes new works that develop his or her expertise in each of these possible areas of employment for a writer. The student is also exposed to a few key tools used by writers to secure work.

This course comes with a Teacher's Guide (again, this reads almost like the second part of a professional writers course), which will help the teacher keep students moving. A semester to a year of study. This course requires no additional materials.  60 lesson plans, 80-120 hours of work. An indispensible introduction to professional writing!
Required materials:

       It Happened One Night
       Lost Horizons

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