Step 4 - Creative Writing 3 - The Writer's Tools

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Step 4 Creative Writing 3 cover.jpg

Step 4 - Creative Writing 3 - The Writer's Tools

  • Develops literacy, vocabulary!
  • Develops the student's ability to create and use ideas!
  • Introduces important concepts of writing!
  • Improves communication skills!
  • Fun, creative hands-on work!
  • Develops critical thinking skills!
  • Develops study in a self-determined manner!
  • Lesson plans are complete and ready to use!  Start now!

My daughter has always had an interest in writing but never had the confidence that her stories could be as good as the ones she reads. In Creative Writing 1, she regained her confidence. She realized how simple it actually is to express her ideas and how many ideas she has. She sailed into Creative Writing 2 with her regained confidence and enthusiasm. When an exercise calls for at least 10 sentences, she writes 3 pages. Each day she creates a brand new story that is extremely interesting, unique and well-written. She is clearly realizing her ability as a writer and is greatly enjoying the process.

I would recommend these courses for all children and also adults who would like to become better writers. Thank you for this invaluable gift!

A.B., Homeschool Mom
Creative Writing for ages 11-adult.

Our first "major" Creative Writing course, The Writer’s Tools begins an intensive study of the art and craft of writing. Plots, characters, dialogue and action, the student begins to break down and master the creative elements that result in great writing!

This third Creative Writing course is a lengthy one, which starts to provide the student a very complete understanding of the mechanics of a well-written story, while encouraging the student to experience his or her own creativity in a remarkable manner. It is again accompanied by a Teacher's Guide (almost a writer's course for a professional writer, unto itself), with methods to unstick a stuck student. The Teacher's Guide also contains the Test and Answer Key for the end of the course. This course requires no additional materials.

( For the student who already demonstrates some real expertise, we recommend READING through our Creative Writing 1 course, while skipping the exercises as unnecessary. We then suggest the student SKIP Creative Writing 2 entirely. Then, the student should FULLY DO everything in Creative Writing 3,and then continue from that point through our program. This would certainly be true for college-level or adult writers, or professional writers.)

I've had many wins from Creative Writing.  Before I did these courses, I wasn't interested, or very good, at writing.  Doing these courses, I became much better at writing.  I can write long or short stories, if I want.  I can write poetry, which I could never do before, even if my life depended on it!  I can write lyrics and screenplays.  I know all the names of every camera shot, in a movie.  Now, whenever I watch a movie, or anything with a plot line, I can usually guess what's going to happen, because I'm beginning to think like a writer.  I love these courses. K.H., 16 year-old student
The best thing about this program is that after it's made you realize that you are, innately, an author, it gets you to see for yourself your own inspiration. You see that you are capable of create. And this course doesn't just teach you, like a school, it gets you to teach yourself. My biggest realizations came from my own writing. My greatest realization came from an exercise that has you write your views on creative and non-creative writing; I realized for the first time what creative writing was to me. 
M.D., 17 year-old student
I have 2 children, a boy 14 and a girl 9. We used STEPS Creative Writing I recently and they both enjoyed it. My 9 yo especially loved it and her writing has improved tremendously.  She is actually writing for a change and with a smile on her face! She loves it.  My 14 year old's writing has really grown through this course.  I've been truly amazed.  Thank you for a great course!

This review [below] was written by my 9 year old daughter about the Creative Writing I course by Steps....

"My review of the Steps Creative Writing I course is ... I loved it.  It is my favorite subject.  I will say that I used to beg not to write but now I beg to do it!  I think that the Steps Creative Writing I is a great Creative Writing Course.  This course has made me start to write a book and the best part is no one can tell me I am wrong.  Plus it has helped me with my spelling a lot because I don't want people to see what I've written and it all be spelled wrong."

I didn't mention this in my earlier review, because I forgot, but my daughter is right that her spelling has improved tremendously after taking this course and others by Steps .  I can't explain it but it really has.  She even shows an interest in spelling now and before she just didn't care.  I think the fact that the "teacher" is not supposed to really critique their work gives the children freedom to express themselves.  I do mention when a word is misspelled or that a comma might be needed and so on but I try to limit that because I want them to write and to enjoy writing.  She definitely does NOW.

My 14 yo son wrote the following review of the Creative Writing I Course by Steps...

"I took the Creative Writing I course in Steps and I'll admit at first I thought it was just another stupid course my mom found on the internet, and through the first few lessons I did it in a sarcastic way with minimal effort.  I did come to enjoy writing more and more as I went through the course.  I am a 14 year old freshmen who loves to read and write, and the course was really too easy for me, but it was good for me to get to practice my writing on different scenarios that the course had.

"As I progressed through the course I began to write entire pages and more when only 50 words were required.  I'm now on Creative Writing 3 and am enjoying my writing even more still.  I would recommend the writing course to anyone who loves to read and write as much as I do."

S.W., and her children
After doing the creative writing courses, I felt I was ready to conquer the world of writing and literature! It has always been a favorite subject of mine in school, but something always pulled me back. I would have the inspiration to write a story, but I couldn't quite ever put it into words. But after I did the creative writing course, I realized how simply and utterly uncomplicated it was to JUST WRITE, without all the considerations that it wouldn't turn out well, people would think it was stupid, etc. It actually turned out nearly flawless every time!  S.G., 15 year-old student
Steps Creative Writing is an awesome curriculum! It is "just what the doctor ordered" for the student who has a fear of writing or is a reluctant writer. My daughter had a tremendous fear of writing after bad experiences while still in school. She no longer has a great fear of putting pen to paper and we have only covered half of Level I. I plan to continue to use Steps curricula and would recommend it to anyone.  D.G., Homeschool Mother
After much trial and error we have found a program that actually encourages her to write. I knew she had it in her, but I did not know how to bring it out.  Right away, this course has coaxed her thoughts onto paper in small reasonable bits which are now naturally growing. She can do this! She now says she would like to be a writer!

I have found myself entertained and impressed with her writing now. Before, I could not get her to write much of anything and her self-confidence was very low in this area. I am delighted that we have found this resource. I only wish I had started her sooner and not wasted my time and money on less effective programs that underestimate the individual's contribution to their own learning environment.

If you are considering a different course from STEPS, you will not be disappointed. I have bought at least a dozen. I have read through them and I am really impressed. He gives the student ownership and pride in their learning.  I highly recommend these courses.  T.S., Homeschool Mother

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