Step 4 - The Great Actor's Acting Bundle (ages 11-up)

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Step 4 - The Great Actor's Acting Bundle (ages 11-up)

  • Develops literacy, vocabulary!
  • Fun, hands-on, creative activity!
  • Develops communication and people skills!
  • A SERIOUS acting program, aimed at professionalism!
  • Written by an award-winning actor/director!
  • INCLUDES the Artist's Basics Course!
  • Teaches essential acting/performance concepts!
  • Complete and ready to use!  Start now!

I put five students on the Acting I course today and they are THRILLED! They are already having so much fun that I have a couple others I may be putting on tomorrow. I have not seen those students look that happy since we started and it was a delight to see. They are already planning to put on a skit/play for the younger kids at the school.

If I had to put together a high school curriculum in the time I had to prepare without you I would have quit in the first month. More importantly, I think the students are really learning on your courses and I know they love the art courses (animation, acting, and now music). They were "starved" for this!  I'm certainly glad I found out about your courses--this year could have been pretty awful otherwise. Thanks again!    
N.G., Homeschool Administrator

Together, these two books are a full year to two year-long course of study in acting!

This new program sums up what Steven has taught and learned about acting, during his over 40 years working as an award-winning actor, director, and teacher of acting. Steven has tauight many hundreds of working actors. Here is his program for ages 15-adult, for students who can't attend a professional acting workshop (perhaps students living outside of L.A., New York City, or London...), but who really want to learn a lot about acting, and who wish to explore their own talent as actors! This program is intended to truly assist the student in exploring the needed skills and ideas a professional actor must have under his/her belt, and to get the student really moving toward professionalism. And all the student will need to do this program are these two books, and a friend or two to work with as scene partners who are, hopefully, also interested in acting. (Also, a way to film their efforts, using a cell phone camera or other camera.)

The first book, THE GREAT ACTOR'S HANDBOOK, contains what were the Step 4 courses on acting - and hundreds of pages more! It is a full, comprehensive course on acting that a student can do anywhere, so long as they have a scene partner or two to work with. As you may know, Steven has directed over 250 productions around the world, is an Emmy and Dramalogue award winning writer, and as an actor has hundreds of roles to his credit. After well over 40 years teaching actors in professional private workshops, he's distilled his understanding of acting into this one book. It is in the form of an extensive course, with tons of information for the beginner, the practiced actor, even the working pro. And every skill or idea discussed is provided with exercises you can do at home, to master the many aspects of acting, and an acting career. A serious (and literate) student, age 15 to 90, could work through this book through for a full year or two, every day learning more and every day improving their skills. You do not need to come to L.A. to study with Steve, or with anyone. (Though if you can, you should. Serious English speaking actors must eventually live in L.A., New York, or London! That's where the work is.) This book is a huge step toward allowing anyone, anywhere a real chance to discover their acting abilities, and to gather an understanding of the industry. It even includes our Artist's Basic Course, complete and ready for study.

And then the second book - twice the size of the first! THE GREAT SCENE STUDY AND MONOLOGUE BOOKprovides over 100 scenes from plays and screenplays, covering the entire history of theater and acting, as well as many contemporary monologes and scenes. Every scene (there are 105 of them) is explained, as to what is happening in the scene, and who the characters are. Monologues (there are 50) are covered in the same manner! The key or tough words, or archaic words, are all defined, for every piece! The play or film's plot (story) is provided, with a precise explanation of what is happening in the scene or monologue. All the help needed is provided, including chapters explaining exactly how to do scene study at home, and how to develop a monologue performance.

Together, these books provide a very full acting program for the student who is truly hungry to learn about acting! This new program is for students who really want to act.

(Please look at the individual courses for sample pages.)

This bundle contains:

  • Step 4 - The Great Actor's Handbook
  • Step 4 - The Great Scene Study & Monologue Book

A full homeschool studies in acting for ages 15-adult.  Learn all the basics, and an advanced technique in acting, as taught by an Emmy & Dramalogue award-winning director with over 200 theatrical productions to his credit.

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