Step 3-4 - Current Events - Endangered Species

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Step 3-4 Current Events - Endangered Species.jpg

Step 3-4 - Current Events - Endangered Species

  • Develops literacy, vocabulary, geography, politics!
  • Improves research skills!
  • Explains the global issue simply and clearly, without bias!
  • Helps make the current situation clear to the student!
  • Encourages the student to "connect up", understand & look for solutions to problems!
  • Hands-on activities make civics relevant to the student!
  • Develops critical thinking skills!
  • Develops study in a self-determined manner!
  • Lesson plans are complete and ready to use!  Start now!

Another in STEPS series of Current Events courses for ages 9-adult.  

These courses each start by defining a global problem. Then, the course leads the student through directed research, so that the student can get a real grasp of the current situation for that issue. The student follows this up with creative exercises which help define the issue and the student's response to it as a concerned citizen of the world.

For students ages 11-adult who are ready to look at one of the greatest problems confronting the living creatures of our world. 

Species everywhere are vanishing forever, and man has no idea how their extinction will affect life tomorrow. Every year, almost 22,000 species vanish forever from Earth. Some of these species exit through natural causes. Other species are driven into extinction through mankind’s actions.

The student is provided a history of the subject, and some timely information. Then, through structured research projects, the student discovers the current situation regarding endangered species. A creative and informative course which allows the student to not only understand the problem, but to develop their own ideas as to solutions.

11 lesson plans.

Subjects covered on this course include:

  • What living things need to live
  • Endangered species defined
  • A list of endangered animals that we all know and love
  • The interdependence of all living things on Earth
  • Natural causes for the endangerment of species
  • How people kill off species - pollution and other means
  • What we can do
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