Step 3-4 - Manners Course

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Step 3-4 Study and Life Skills - Manners.jpg

Step 3-4 - Manners Course

  • Develops literacy, vocabulary!
  • Develops critical thinking skills!
  • Provides real and useful ideas and tools!
  • Helps a student work, live & play with others!
  • Develops study in a self-determined manner!
  • Lesson plans are complete and ready to use!  Start now!

The Steps Manners Course is one of the first courses you should consider using when starting this excellent curriculum. It allows the students to think about what it means to be part of a family, a group, and a community and how important it is to contribute to the success of any group to which they belong.

I debated using this course with the 2 teenagers I'm homeschooling, thinking they might be too old for the lessons in this course, but I'm glad I decided to use it.

My 14 year old son wrote the following in response to Exercise 6 in the Manners course: "I am homeschooled by my Mother - Mommy, I luv you :) - and it is a grade A education. Its much better than my previous school.... I am hoping to finish school early and go to college. This schooling is great! I'm actually learning and in a comfortable way...(There is a lengthy comparision here of a sewer and the public school I withdrew him from)... If I were to ever write how awesome or perfect this is I would probably fill up this entire notebook, which I need for my school work, so I better not."

It is truly amazing to see these boys go from reluctant learners to thinking about going to college in just 4 weeks! I highly recommend this course and this curriculum! - K.B., Grateful Homeschool Mom in El Paso, Texas

This course has always been one of our "best-sellers". Why is that? Probably because it is all about how we get along with others – and few subjects could be more important.

What are manners, today? We're not talking about "etiquette", the ability to select the correct fork or keep your elbows off the table while eating. Manners, as defined in this unique home school course, have to do with how we treat each other, how we communicate, how we accept responsibility and authority.

Here is a course for students ages 9-adult, that does nothing less than define and encourage the sort of behavior which makes others trust us, and even care about our well-being. The course covers everything from personal hygiene, to the names we call each other, to the idea that one should keep agreements made. It even helps the student determine in what ways he's contributed to by his parents and others, and how he contributes in return.

One concern homeschool parents have is that their children won't learn to "get along" with others (sometimes called "socialization"). The Manners Course is one of Steps answers to this concern. Tested with great success, this course helps students discover the secrets to getting along well with others.  And it is NOT what schools that push "socialization" claim that it is.

Through fun, creative, thorough exercises and essays, the student investigates his relationship with parents or guardians, brothers and sisters, teachers, friends, and others.  He considers how others want to be treated, and how he should be treated by others. The student even looks at why he should care if others get along with him.  This course helps the student find answers to important life questions! 45-60 hours of ideas and exercises, all structured to help the student decide what sort of behavior will best contribute to his own survival, and to the survival of others. The Manners Course is an elective.
My 13yo almost 14yo son has done only 2 lessons in this curriculum and we are already seeing signs of success! I can hardly wait to see the difference in him by the time the course is over.  K.B., Homeschool Parent

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