Step 3-4 - Information, Right or Wrong

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Step 3-4 Study and Life Skills - Information, Right or Wrong.jpg

Step 3-4 - Information, Right or Wrong

  • Develops literacy, vocabulary!
  • Develops critical thinking skills!
  • Gets a student investigating and questioning "information"!
  • Develops study in a self-determined manner!
  • Lesson plans are complete and ready to use!  Start now!
  • The first course every literate student age 9-up should do!

Information - Right or Wrong is a course that teaches the students to think for themselves and to evaluate the information as to fact or opinion.  This course is complete and constructive -  the children are taught to manage and indeed run their own education and to be a proactive participant in their journey.  I am thrilled to be seeing progress with my own girls as they begin to take charge of their work.  I would unhesitantly recommend this course! J. D., Homeschool Parent

What is the truth? What is an opinion? What is a lie? 

There is no student of any age or experience who can afford to not understand these concepts, and the differences between them!  Not the way education is received today - in random bits in textbooks, the Internet, TV, and in school.  Often, "info" is anything but!  Often, the source of the "info" is not well known, or completely unknown (as on the Internet, in many cases).  

All "information" a student (or anyone) receives should be evaluated by the person before accepting it as true.  There is simply far too much misinformation, half-truths and lies out there for this not to be so.  And that means you must know how to identify an untruth when you hear one.  And you must know the difference between an opinion (no matter how firmly asserted), and a fact (something that can be proven to be true).

Without this core understanding and skill, a student, in fact any person, can quickly end up adrift in studies and in life, unsure of what to believe.

This is a brief and simple course for any student ages nine and up.  Six lessons, somewhere between two-ten hours of work depending on the student.  And yet, it may be the most important course your student ever does.  There are good reasons this is our best-selling course!

The sad truth about education and how it's done today includes this: the methods generally used to educate children involve a great deal of enforcement of information. Texts studied and lessons delivered are to be taken literally , and the information supplied is never to be questioned . A student taught this way is never allowed to evaluate or reject information, a valuable set of survival skills LOST! Instead, they are to memorize things they are told are "facts", and be able to state them again on a test.  No comprehension is required - and how indeed can a student comprehend "facts" that are not proven or evaluated?  

The ability to look at something that one is told is a fact, and to determine whether or not it actually is, is an indispensable life skill. Needless to say, it is also an indispensable tool when studying.

This very simple course assists the student to spot truths, falsehoods, and opinions, and to differentiate between them. It is an invaluable precursor to all other studies, allowing the student to learn to really evaluate and reject "information" that really may not be “information”. 

For many students, while doing this course they may be asked to think for themselves and determine the value of information to them, for the first time in their lives!

This course should be done after our free course, How To Do Steps Courses course, and before either Step 3 or Step 4 How To Do Research.

This course requires no additional materials, except access to a few books, newspapers and the internet and TV. 
Steps Basic Course - Information, Right or Wrong is a great course. I loved that the kids were learning to discern between Right and Wrong, fact or opinion. They are encouraged to think for themselves. My kids watched news stories during the election coverage and picked what was truth and what was opinion. It was great for them and for me, their mom, too.  S. W., Homeschool Mom
We used the Information Right or Wrong program and highly recommend it. We are presently using the Manners one and will begin the Step 4 American Civics course soon. Everyone should do this one!

The courses teach the way I attempt to: using the children's thoughts and opinions rather than true/false, right/wrong, or "seeking anyone's approval, but their own." I love being able to ask questions directly of the author and his experience with using these programs himself really helps him understand our needs. These products are great!  K. B., Homeschool Parent

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