Step 3-4 - Children's Bill Of Rights Elective Course

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Step 3-4 Study and Life Skills - Childrens Bill of Rights.jpg

Step 3-4 - Children's Bill Of Rights Elective Course

  • Develops literacy, vocabulary!
  • Develops critical thinking skills!
  • Provides real and useful ideas and tools!
  • Helps a student understand his rights and responsibilities!
  • Develops study in a self-determined manner!
  • Excellent for the entire family to do!
  • Lesson plans are complete and ready to use!  Start now!

Here is a course for Step 3-4 students, ages 9-17, all about their rights as children. Based on a Children's Bill of Rights & Responsibilities,  this course opens up a world of ideas for a child as to his rights and responsibilities.

Twenty full lesson plans (anywhere from 20-35 hours of work for the student) uses STEPS proven educational techniques, and serves as a great demonstration of what STEPS is and can do. But this simple course also provides the student perhaps their first real idea of what rights and responsibilities are.

Every person has rights, and if they do not, then they should. Children tend to be disenfranchised in our adult-oriented world. They can’t vote. They generally can’t work. They have little control over their own travel, or even over what they are forced to study. They rely on adults for money and other wherewithal. Their rights are heavily restricted by the state and tied to the control of their parents.

Where rights are concerned, it's not much fun to be a kid. Children are generally seen as their parent's property, and are often treated accordingly.

This course can help bring such a miserable condition to an end.

If you do not want your children thinking for themselves, then stay away from this course! If you want your children unaware of their rights, and of how they should be treated by adults and other children, by all means move on.

But if you want self-starters, children who not only think for themselves but who also demand respect and support for their dreams, this is a great course. If you want to help guarantee a future for civilization populated by people who insist on taking responsibility and on their inalienable rights, have your child do this course. If you believe that children will soon be running this world, get this course into their hands!

A fine course for parents and children to do together!

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