FIRST - If you are not certain that STEP 3 is right for your 9-10 year-old student, or your older (or younger) student who could benefit from this level of work, DO THE FREE READING TEST FOR THIS LEVEL!  It is made of sample lesson plans from Step 3.  

  1. The parent would read ALL ABOUT STEPS, available for free (see the button above).
  2. The student would do our FREE course, HOW TO DO STEPS COURSES.
  3. The student would do the following study essential courses, designed to truly prepare the student to study with authority and success:
    • Information - Right Or Wrong
    • Step 3 How To Do Research
  4. The student would now start:
    • Step 3-4 Reading
    • Step 3 "History I - Pre-History"
    • Step 3 "Science I - SCIENCE BASICS"
    • "Creative Writing I - Start Writing"
    • Perhaps an art elective, such as "Music Theory 1" "Acting 1" ; or "Animation 1" .
  5. The student, upon completing each course, would start the next course in sequence in that subject. EXAMPLE: Having completed "Science 1" , the student would start "Science 2" , and so on.
  6. The student would move into Step 4 when they either:
    • Complete all Step 3 Science and age-appropriate or desired Math.
    • Acquire a literacy level allowing them to move into Step 4 materials. (We will provide a test on this site which will help you determine if your student's literacy is up to Upper School materials.)