Step 3 - History 1 - Pre-History

Step 3 History 1 cover.jpg
Step 3 History 1 cover.jpg

Step 3 - History 1 - Pre-History

  • Develops literacy, vocabulary!
  • Introduces & explores key ideas in history!
  • Introduces the subject and importance of history!
  • Hands-on activities make history relevant to the student!
  • Develops critical thinking skills!
  • Develops study in a self-determined manner!
  • Lesson plans are complete and ready to use!  Start now!

It's really amazing to teach this curriculum to students and watch them go from sheer boredom with the whole idea of school, to a very strong interest in learning in a short period of time.  I've also seen new students become much more outgoing from having both a safe environment to learn in and subjects that are not only very interesting, but easily learned and applied.   M.H., first teacher in a model Steps school
The first history course for Step 3 students, ages 9-10 who read fairly well, and for older students who are still developing literacy before diving into Step 4.

Focused around the first Newberry Prize award-winning children's book, Henrick Van Loon's The Story of Mankind , the student explores the beginnings of life on our planet as their first step through history. The sections of the book needed for study are included in the course.

As with all our history courses, tests and answer guides are included.

The course specializes, as do all STEPS courses, in developing the students understandings and ability to think and form their own ideas and opinions. Additionally, as with all our history courses, this one is structured to increase the student's vocabulary and understanding of geography, as well as of history.

24 lessons, two tests and answer guides, 28-40 hours of study.

Concepts covered in this course include:

  • A hard look at what people mean when they teach history.
  • Ideas of prehistoric Earth, its weather, lands
  • Early forms of life
  • Dinosaurs
  • The first mammals
  • Early types of men
  • Men build tools and weapons
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