Step 3 - Acting 1 - Starting Acting

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Step 3 Acting 1.jpg

Step 3 - Acting 1 - Starting Acting

  • Develops literacy, vocabulary!
  • Fun, hands-on, creative activity!
  • Develops communication and people skills!
  • Teaches essential acting/performance concepts!
  • Lesson plans are complete and ready to use!  Start now!

I put five students on the Acting I course today and they are THRILLED! They are already having so much fun that I have a couple others I may be putting on tomorrow. I have not seen those students look that happy since we started and it was a delight to see. They are already planning to put on a skit/play for the younger kids at the school.

If I had to put together a high school curriculum in the time I had to prepare without you I would have quit in the first month. More importantly, I think the students are really learning on your courses and I know they love the art courses (animation, acting, and now music). They were "starved" for this!  I'm certainly glad I found out about your courses--this year could have been pretty awful otherwise. Thanks again!   
N.G., Homeschool Administrator
For Step 3 students, students ages 9-10 or older students who are developing literacy, the basics of acting.

What is the stage? What is a script? What is an actor? Start with the essentials and work your way up to more complex ideas. A simple and exciting way to start a youthful actor, written by the veteran award-winning director of over 200 productions!

If you thought starting to learn about acting was impossible in a homeschool situation, think again! This course rapidly gets students on their feet and performing. The fun begins right away! Start your student acting today!
My 9 (soon ten) year old daughter has been doing this course to her absolute elation. She loves to act and this course has been so fun for her. My seven year old son tries to get in on the action too because he sees how much fun she is having with it! Like all of the Steps courses, this is straight forward and to the point. And I really feel that she is learning along with all of the fun she is having!  G.V., Homeschool Mom

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