Step 2 - Science 5 - Biology 1 - What is Biology? /Mammals & Birds

Step 2 Science 5 cover.jpg
Step 2 Science 5 cover.jpg

Step 2 - Science 5 - Biology 1 - What is Biology? /Mammals & Birds

  • Develops literacy, vocabulary!
  • Introduces and explores key ideas in Biology!
  • Introduces and explores mammals & birds!
  • Fun, hands-on activities!
  • Develops critical thinking skills!
  • Lesson plans are complete and ready to use!  Start now!

The first third semester Science course for Step 2 students ages 7-8, and for students of any age who are developing literacy.

This semester focuses on Biology.   In this course, biology is carefully defined.  Then, life is defined.  Many lessons follow explaining and demonstrating what mammals and birds are, and how they live their lives.  Many links and photos are provided to give the student an exciting experience studying these members of the Animal Kingdom.

20 lessons with hands-on exercises and many thought-provoking essays.  As always with Connect The Thoughts courses, words are defined, vocabulary is expanded, and reading skills are developed.  A fun and thoughtful introduction to Biology.

This course covers:

  • What is Biology?
  • What do living things do?
  • Mammals
  • The lives of Mammals
  • Warm-Blooded vs Cold Blooded
  • Live Birth vs Eggs
  • Darwin's Theory of Evolution
  • Mammal's and how they protect themselves
  • Human Beings
  • Birds
  • Birds and Migration
  • Birds nests, eggs and protection
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