Step 1 - History 11 - China, Japan & The United States Today

Step 1 History 11 cover.jpg
Step 1 History 11 cover.jpg

Step 1 - History 11 - China, Japan & The United States Today

  • Develops literacy, vocabulary!
  • Introduces important countries today!
  • Fun, hands-on activities!
  • Develops critical thinking skills!
  • Lesson plans are complete and ready to use!  Start now!

The final 14 lesson plans for Step 1 History, this course covers three of the greatest powers in the world today, and how they got that way.  The history of the United States and Japan is presented, and the history of China for the past hundred years.  A hands-on approach that challenges young students to read and to think for themselves as they learn about these three nations.  Perfect preparation for more difficult studies to follow.

Concepts and subjects covered include:

  • China as an ancient country
  • The land of China
  • The history of China as an empire with emperors
  • What was expected of a Chinese Emperor
  • China in the 1800s
  • The Boxer Rebellion
  • Mao and the rise of Communism in China
  • China as a world superpower today
  • The land of Japan
  • Japanese history
  • The opening of Japan in 1853
  • World War II and Japan's part in it.
  • The dropping of atomic bombs on two Japanese cities ending the war
  • Japan today
  • The problem of a dropping population in Japan
  • The land of the United States of America
  • America before the Revolution
  • The Revolution
  • The founding fathers of America
  • The reasons Americans wanted to be separated from England
  • The problem of slavery
  • The Civil War
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • The U.S. becomes a world power in WWI and II
  • America today
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