Step 2 - Study & Life Skills 2 - Money & Exchange

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Step 2 Study and Life Skills 2.jpg

Step 2 - Study & Life Skills 2 - Money & Exchange

  • Develops literacy, vocabulary!
  • Develops organizational skills!
  • Develops an understanding of fairness!
  • Helps orient the student to the uses of money!
  • Helps orient the student to the world!
  • Fun, hands-on activities!
  • Develops critical thinking skills!
  • Lesson plans are complete and ready to use!  Start now!

The content is aimed at encouraging students to think deeper about their choices and their options. This is done simply, but VERY effectively. The message is easy to understand, but thought provoking and offers the student the means to be able to really comprehend the material. These are true Life Skills, I think they could even be used with older children with great results.  J.D. Homeschool Mom
What's fair? What isn't fair? When is a person in fair and even exchange with their parents, their friends, their brothers and sisters? What is money, really? What are its correct uses? What's it good for? What's it useless for?

What makes the world go round? For human beings, it's not gravity, it's the idea of exchange. Our lives are made up largely of the work we do, the pay we receive, and what we do with the money we're paid. Our relations with others such as family, friends, and groups we belong to are largely shaped by the things we offer them and the things they offer us. One of the things exchanged is, of course, money, a confusing and often mysterious concept.

This course takes the mystery out of money and exchange for the 7-8 year-old, and for students of any age who are developing literacy, and places him or her in a position of responsibility and control. The student also considers how his use of time determines his "fate" in any given day, and in life.

An invaluable course, one that some older students and even adults have profited by!  19 lessons - 19 life-shaping hours of work and fun.

Difficult concepts which many adults don't understand, made fun, hands-on and understandable for students ages 7-8.  A fine course for many older students to do!

Concepts covered in this course include:

  • What is fair?
  • Exchange, what it is.
  • Being fair to one's self.
  • Being fair to one's parents.
  • Being fair to other members of your family.
  • Fair excahnge between the student and the school or teacher.
  • Fair exchange between a person and their friends.
  • Fair exchange with any groups that one may belong to.
  • Fair exchange vs. unfair exchange.
  • What money really is.
  • Your country's money.
  • Ways we use money - to buy things.
  • The value of a country's money compared to other country's money.
  • Earning money.
  • Keeping track of one's money.
  • Banks.
  • Developing a budget.
  • Opportunity cost - the idea that if you buy something, you may not have money for other things.  The same thing goes with one's time.
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