The Homeschooler's Handbook

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The Homeschooler's Handbook

  • A thorough step-by-step guide to successfully start homeschooling!
  • A thorough step-by-step guide to improve ANY homeschool situation!
  • Great tools meant to be USED to immediately target the unique student's interests, and the best ways to educate him!
  • A clear explanation for the relative success of home education!
  • A step-by-step guide to start a successful homeschool group!
  • A section with tools to help the student who is struggling (in any situation)!
  • Written by a teacher with over 40 years experience, in Public Ed, Private Schools, Universities such as U.S.C., and home education!
  • Simply THE BEST TOOL available to start or improve your homeschooling adventure!
  • A great way to introduce "non-believers" to the success of homeschooling!

Revolutionary! If you aren't satisfied with your child's education, read this handbook. If you think your child's education could be better, read this handbook. If you love your child, read this handbook. But even better, USE this handbook!

R.P., Homeschooling Father
The Homeschooler's Handbook
 is THE ANSWER TO THE PROBLEM OF HOMESCHOOLING!  The book is exactly what it says it is. A practical step-by-step guide to improve the homeschool experience for the entire family. This is a practical book, meant to be used rather than just read. Every section of the book explains a concept or tool you can put to use today to make your homeschool experience work better, activities you can actually do and/or use with your student right now to improve results. Putting this book to work for you will improve your understanding of the best ways to educate a student and to homeschool. If you're struggling, this book will revolutionize your homeschool experience. If you're doing well with homeschooling, this book will validate what you're doing right, while offering you hands-on tools and methods that cannot help but improve even a thoroughly successful homeschool.

The Homeschooler's Handbook started out as a one-shot adaptation of the ten parent/teacher courses CTT offers – but it ended up being so much more! About 80% of the material in this course, and about the same percentage of the new tools and exercises provided, are brand new, the results of well over a decade of working with homeschoolers. This stand-alone book will surprise you, open up new ideas and tools, and guide you every step of the way toward a great homeschool experience.

The book is broken into three large parts. 

  • Part One walks the homeschooling newbie step-by-step through all the essential actions that must be taken to homeschool successfully right from the start. Legal, budgeting, selection of a curriculum and what should go into that decision for the most important subjects, preparation of the family to adjust to homeschooling, the space where study will occur, and many other key aspects of starting a homeschool on the right foot are covered in detail, with tools provided to make your transition as easy and productive and quick as possible.
  • Part Two provides even more defined and remarkable tools to improve your approach to education once you're already homeschooling. From methods and systems to help determine what subjects and in what manner your student would study best for the best results and the most productively, to the introduction of a day-to-day method to make use of an admiration-based, student-centric approach to education, this section will improve your student's results, and your effectiveness as a homeschooling educator. It will also make your homeschooling life much more enjoyable.
  • Part Three provides a breakdown of homeschool resources and what you'll need to do to locate and use them, that will enhance your homeschooling experience. Then, in the final lengthy chapter, if you want to go this direction, you are walked step-by-step through the formation of a successful homeschool group. Also in the final chapter are special scetions that provide you a better understanding of why a student may not do well on a given day, or over a longer period, and common sense tools that will help you truly attack and handle such issues!

There is hardly one page in this book that will not either a) validate what you already know (there's bound to be some of that), or b) provide you profound new insights into education and homeschooling, or c) offer you hands-on tools and methods that, in your employ, are sure to improve enormously your results, your student's results, and the joy that homeschooling should be!
The Perfect “How To” Manual

Six years ago, I embarked on quite an unexpected journey into the world of homeschooling. I was what you might call an “accidental homeschooler”. There had been no serious thought given to homeschooling when my children were wee little tykes, and I found myself jumping into the deep end, literally overnight, when at the beginning of a new school year it became obvious that public education was no longer going to fit our needs, and in fact might end up causing great harm.

Though my enthusiasm was high, I had no idea how to begin homeschooling. There was a plethora of information available, so I grabbed every book off the library shelves and spent endless hours researching the topic on the Internet. I learned a lot… about everything BUT the nitty gritty of how to homeschool. There were plenty of guides that talked about specific curricula, about why one should homeschool, and about “learning styles”. There were stories shared, instructions about how to create mission statements, and plenty of information available justifying the homeschooling lifestyle.

What was missing was a concrete, step by step approach about how to educate your children at home. How do you start? What are the things you need to think about? How does a non-professional learn how to teach, and more importantly, gain the confidence necessary to do it well?

Oh, if only The Homeschooler's Handbook had been written back then!
Steven David Horwich, respected Emmy winning writer, curriculum creator, and experienced homeschool educator has created a resource like none other. Not only is it a serious step-by-step handbook for helping you get up and running, but as you read you will find yourself being invited to do the very important work of creating an understanding of what education truly is (HINT: It's much broader than you might think), and developing a philosophy about education that will serve you throughout your homeschooling adventure.

Covering topics ranging from how to determine what to study, how to schedule your day, and how to evaluate curriculum, The Homeschooler's Handbook does an excellent job of providing you with key steps without overwhelming the new homeschooling parent. However, the real meat of this handy helper is that it goes well beyond the nuts and bolts of home education, and guides you to think deeply about how to be a good educator, how to offer constructive critiques to your children, and how to view your role in educating your child as a facilitator rather than the less helpful perspective as “teacher of all things”. I particularly appreciate the encouragements to educate in ways that allow the whole child to be acknowledged and respected, rather than pushing a child to fit within some sort of prescribed box.

Additionally, The Homeschooler's Handbook, covers topics not normally found in the typical “how to homeschool” book. It assists the home educator in seeing the bigger picture that exists well outside the curriculum, and in my experience, this is where most parents need to be helped. We have been culturally trained to see a textbook as the key to becoming educated…read enough of them, and miraculously at the end of 13 years of school, a child will be considered “smart” and well educated. By pointing out the wide variety of resources that can be accessed, as well as how to develop group learning experiences, the Handbook elevates home education to an art form, which any veteran homeschooler will quickly tell you is not something that comes easily to anyone, but ought to be the goal of all homeschooling educators. In other words, if you want to do more than just plop some textbooks in front of your child and hope for the best, if you yearn to do far more than replicate the public school classroom at home, then this is, without a doubt, the very best tool you can have at your disposal to help you become the kind of creative educational facilitator you long to be for your child.

Read The Homeschooler's Handbook . See what is possible for you and your student. Don't be surprised if you find yourself nodding in agreement from time to time. Taking the opportunity to read this Handbook in its entirety is like attending a Master's level course in how to homeschool, without the inaccessible language and pomposity that one might find from a professor in a Master's level course. You will come away truly enlightened, and thinking in completely new ways. 
C.L.J., Homeschool Mother of 5

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