NOT Alternative Education - The Proven Solution To Failed Public Education

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Not Alternative Education epub cover.jpg

NOT Alternative Education - The Proven Solution To Failed Public Education

  • A thorough investigation into the failure of public education!
  • A thorough step-by-step guide to end public education and transition to universal private education!
  • A serious look at the place teachers and private schools can and should have in the education marketplace - post public education!
  • A clear-eyed look at what works in education, useful to any educator!
  • A clear-eyed look at what does NOT work in education, and the proofs!
  • Written by a teacher with over 40 years experience, in Public Ed, Private Schools, Universities such as U.S.C., and home education!

Early in 2011, Steven David Horwich wrote and released his first ground-breaking book about education, Poor Cheated Little Johnny.This book began the process of explaining what is wrong in education today and how we as concerned parents and educators can fix it.  The book was a good start, and should be read by anyone involved in education, as one reviewer wrote.

As 2012 starts, Mr. Horwich has completed the follow up – a full investigation into the failure of public schooling, and a thorough explanation of what we can do to get rid of it and replace it with something that really works – and has proven itself.

Not 'Alternative Education' – The Proven Solution to Failed Public Education , goes farther into the world of education.  It explains exactly how to safely close our nearly 100,000 public schools in the United States, schools that eat up over $550 billion each year – and how we can replace them with many forms of private education, including private schools, homeschooling, homeschool groups, tutoring groups and other forms.

Have you ever been at a loss to explain why public schooling is such a bust, resulting in over a 50% drop-out rate in many cities?

Have you stumbled to define to others why you homeschool, or why you use some form of private education for your child?

Are you unsure that you should privately educate your child?

Are you unsure of the best method of private education for your child and for you?

Are you unsure of your ability to teach your child?

Here are answers, real tools and real answers backed up by lots of numbers and experience!

Mr. Horwich has been an educator for 40 years. He taught for the Los Angeles Unified School District, U.S.C., in private schools for over 10 years, and as a homeschool dad running a homeschool group for six more years.  Additionally, he's taught private workshops in the arts for nearly 35 years.  Over the past 15 years, he authored well over 300 courses for homeschoolers ages 5-adult in history, science, the arts, current events, basic study skills – all in a serious effort to replace the apparent need for public schooling.  This effort is the Connect The Thoughts curriculum that over 20,000 students worldwide have used so far.

Now, Mr. Horwich takes his decades of experience as an educator, and with piercing clarity defines the best educational path to a bright tomorrow for your child, your family, and for the nation.  With humor and passion, he faces head on subjects that most educators simply won't or can't discuss.  He offers real illumination into the workings of education today, and what you can do right now to help guarantee your child a successful education.

The book is broken into four large parts. 

  • Part One deals with our public schools today, and paints an undeniable picture of abuse, privilege, and failure that cannot be rectified.
  • Part Two offers a comprehensive plan on how we can safely close all our public schools and move families over to various forms of private education, saving their children from the doom and gloom and danger of public schooling and saving the nation the kind of money that will truly help balance the budget.
  • Part Three discusses in detail many types of private education, providing a good look at each to help families decide the right path for them.
  • Part Four consists of two massive courses authored by Mr. Horwich, just for the homeschooling parent or teacher!   These courses are designed to be done at home, alone or in a small group.  The first course offers a lot of tools and understandings to help you be a successful homeschool instructor.  (These can be used by any teacher willing to use them, in any environment.)  The second course explains how to form a homeschool group that will work, so that families can unite in small groups to ease the burden of homeschooling and really win!

There has never been a book like this one!  It provides more than a point of view, more than good arguments.  The Proven Solution to Failed Public Education provides real tools, hands-on tools, that will help you and your family truly educate your child and open the door to a great future.

If you are homeschooling, thinking of homeschooling, teaching in a private school or a private tutoring center, or if you are concerned about education today and ready to do something about it, then this book is an absolute must!

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