Step 1 - Semester 4 Bundle

Step 1 - Semester 4 - Bundle.jpg
Step 1 - Semester 4 - Bundle.jpg

Step 1 - Semester 4 Bundle

  • Complete semester, ready to use!
  • Every lesson plan is complete, ready to use!
  • Develops literacy, vocabulary!
  • Develops critical thinking!
  • Fun, hands-on learning!
  • Includes our massive, detailed, incredibly helpful Homeschooler's handbook!
  • New, larger bundle comes complete with everything you'll need, including a new "Step 1 Owner's Manual" that will help walk you through exactly how to use this bundle!

The final semester of Step 1 materials for ages 5-6, and for students who have just started to develop literacy  

A full semester of history, science, creative writing and living your life carefully constructed to move the young student toward literacy while advancing his understanding of life and of important subjects and skills.  A $400 value.


(Please look at the individual courses for sample pages.)

This bundle contains:

Step 1 Owner's Manual (Open this first!)
The Homeschooler's Handbook
Step 1-2 Reading Program
Step 1 Creative Writing 4
Step 1 Study & Life Skills 7 – What’s Fair
Step 1 Study & Life Skills 8 – Your Life
Step 1 History 10 – Culture and Civilization – The British Empire and European Nations
Step 1 Science 8 – The Way Things Work (Physics for Young People)
Step 1 Science 9 – Our Tools and Machines

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