Step 1 - Study & Life Skills 7 - What's Fair?

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Step 1 - Study & Life Skills 7 - What's Fair?

  • Develops literacy, vocabulary!
  • Helps your child play, work and live with others.
  • Fun, hands-on activities!
  • Develops critical thinking skills!
  • Lesson plans are complete and ready to use!  Start now!

This is the first Study & Life Skills course in semester four of (ages 5-6).  Semester 4 is the final Semester for Step 1, designed for ages 5-6, and for students who are developing literacy.

The student investigates the idea of "fair". What is it? How does it work? Then the student looks at many areas of his own life in a fun, hands-on manner. Is he fair to others? To his family? Is he fair to pets? To other living things? Is he fair in his treatment of other people's things? Is he fair in how he handles the planet? His own body? Are all these things fair to him?  Is he fair to himself?

In 27 lessons, 9-10 weeks of study, the golden rule and its hands-on meaning in life is explored. A sometimes difficult concept is made clear, fun and personal, and a set of understandings are provided that will help shape the student's young life and world and make it more tolerable.

Concepts covered in this course include:

  • Fairness and what is and is not fair
  • The ways one can fairly exchange with others
  • Fairness as a two-way thing
  • How TV controls people's ideas and what they know, coloring one's feeling about others in an unfair way
  • Good and bad leaders and what makes them so
  • Countries and governments that can be fair or unfair to their people
  • The unfeeling universe, which does not think or care if it is fair
  • The nature of real friendship
  • How to deal with family members in a fair way
  • Being fair to one's own body
  • Being fair about using time to get one's work done
  • Being fair about giving one' self time to play
  • How to be fair to one's own future and prepare for it
  • Finding better ways to help those who help the students (such as family)
  • Being fair to pets and animals
  • Being fair to plants, trees and plants
  • The fair way to treat one's possessions and those of others
  • Being fair to those who help the student learn
  • Being fair to people who help the student in any way
  • Being fair to others in public places like movies, plays, parks and museums
  • Being fair to the planet that supports all of our lives
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