Step 1 - Reading

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Step 1-2 Reading.jpg

Step 1 - Reading

  • Develops beginner literacy!
  • Develops a joy of reading!
  • No phonics or complicated systems!
  • Start today! 

STEPS Reading Program is based on the simple idea that a student can identify a word after seeing it and defining it, particularly after multiple exposures. The tutor guides the student through a series of well-defined actions. These, step-by-step, unveil the meanings of words for the student, and help cement in the student's mind what those words look like, sound like and mean.

The program does require an adult or capable tutor who reads well, and who will be patient, non-critical , diligent and supportive. Intended to be done perhaps a 1/2 hour per day, the program can (and should) be used with any reading the student is interested in doing. Your student's reading skills will almost certainly improve using our reading program, designed for 5-6 year-olds, or for that matter, "remedial" students of any age!

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