FREE Your Weekly Journal - July 11-17, 2016

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Step 2-3-4 Your Weekly Journal July 11-17.jpg

FREE Your Weekly Journal - July 11-17, 2016

  • Complete lesson plans, ready to use!
  • Can be done at ANY time of the year!
  • A great FREE sample of Steps elective studies!
  • Improves literacy, vocabulary!
  • Geography, history, sports, more!
  • Develops writing and communication skills!
  • Develops critical thinking!

A FREE sample of elective studies from Steps!  

A week of fun, hands-on learning for ages 8-adult.  Each day, the student writes into a private journal, using prompts to investigate his life and the world around him.  Then, he learns about things that happened on that day in history, or about things that are happening right now.  Sports, arts and entertainment, politics, history, science, and more, it's all here!

Here is a list of the subjects covered in this journal:
Author E.B. White born in 1899; Great American composer George Gershwin’s life and works.  The life of American philosopher Henry David Thoreau; The life and words of Oscar Hammerstein II; The life and Films of Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones!); Major League Baseball’s yearly All-Star Game; John Adam’s signs the Sedition Act in 1798; Mariner IV, sent by NASA, takes the first photos of another planet; The Rosetta Stone is discovered opening the way to a translation of Egyptian hieroglyphs; Wiley Post flies around the world, the first to do so; The Open Championship in Golf; The birth of Islam in 622 A.D,; The first Atom Bomb is successfully tested in 1945; Disneyland opens in 1955

The best time to do this journal is during the week it represents, Monday July 11 - Sunday July 17, 2016.  BUT IT CAN BE DONE AT ANY TIME!

Download this FREE sample of Steps today!  And share it with friends.

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